You wouldn’t steal from a nun would you?

Mysterious circumstances of Nun Nicer added a New Mural on Poundland. You wouldn't steal from a Nun would you?    nun-nicer-poundland

Mysterious circumstances of Nun Nicer adds a New Mural on Poundland today, to protest the American sale FAAM Miami, stolen Banksy, Slave Labour.  You wouldn’t steal from a Nun would you?_Nun Nicer

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate._NOAM CHOMSKY

Banksy mural: Miami auction house withdraws item from sale – video I I art and design  2013

Here is an important video, about the 2010 Stolen Banksy that goes into auction from Palestine to USA at the Keszler Gallery ‘WEST BANKSY‘ by Justin Sutcliffe

We are bombarded with images and slogans trying to gain our trust and unlock our wallets. Some graffiti serves no better purpose than a dog relieving itself while other examples cause us to step out of our daily stupor and think for a moment about an issue or how we are living our lives. What I get from the best graffiti is that life is temporary but doesn’t have to be meaningless. _Tony Duggan-Smith / / By Dorothy Tan, 25 Feb 2013

Let’s be honest, if it was my wall I’ll flog it too. Just because you can SEE setting doesn’t mean you own it. Absolutely bizarre that they were able to halt the auction._ Michelle Beresford / / By Dorothy Tan, 25 Feb 2013

Nun Nicer (street artist) Protesting the sale of FAAM  Stolen Banksy 'Slave Labour' and replaced with Labour of Love by Nun Nicer !! Also in the photo is Neil Hall / Reuters February 23rd 2013

Nun Nicer (street artist) Protesting the sale of FAAM Stolen Banksy ‘Slave Labour’ and replaced with ‘Labour of Love’ by Nun Nicer !! Also in the photo is Neil Hall / Reuters
February 23rd 2013

Nun Nicer, red star over one eye and a mouthless voice. Photo by TAG Turnpike Art Group, London 2013

Nun Nicer, red star over one eye and a mouthless voice. Photo by TAG Turnpike Art Group, London 2013

FAAM / catalogueFine Art Auction Miami, is estimated to reach $700,000 USD

FAAM / catalogue
Fine Art Auction Miami, is estimated to reach $700,000 USD

Banksy artwork removed from north London removed from sale and new artwork appearsThe Banksy mural, depicting a boy hunched over a sewing machine making Union Jack bunting, disappeared from Whymark Avenue earlier this month. It had been expected to be auctioned in Miami later but the auction house has halted the sale. And a new mural had appeared on the street wall where the image was removed! The new mural that appeared on the north London wall depicts a woman in a nun’s habit, but it is not known if it is by Banksy. _CVA


In response to the Brolly Man (Umbrella Man by Nun Nicer next to Rat by Banksy).  The Brolly Man (Umbrella Man) also known as ‘Singing in the rain’ When given lemons make lemonade and sing in the rain people of North London, when it rains it pours and that’s why!! So don’t ask the rat why?  Just live your life like the Brolly Man and he will put a smile on your face_ Nun Nicer 

Blimey, there is so much going on here I’m missing half of it. I hadn’t noticed the man with the brolly and when I looked for him I saw the elephant for the first time as well. And is that a mole emerging from the concrete? _ O.F.E. / 

Yes, try explaining what’s happened here to an alien or anyone’s great-grandparent! How long before the Poundland turns into an art gallery?_trueacronom / 

I quite like the little man with the brolly…


What happened to the Legendary Michael Tracy AKA Tracy 168 ‘Wildstyle’?

The Battle of Wild Style and Storm Sandy

What happened to the Legendary Michael Tracy AKA Tracy 168 ‘Wildstyle’? As the 2012 fall storm sandy sweeps through the Eastcoast so did wild style? Internet rumours of Tracy 168 claim his death. From facebook posts to; Patti Astor (co-founder of the FUN Gallery in 1981). Many posts claiming his death.

The Phantom Street Artist, (Rage Against The Machine Artist ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’). A quote from Joey Krebs AKA Street Phantom ‘”What made TRACY great was not only his vision as well as his perspective in speaking out against the system he was against..” TRACY 168 LOVESTER.. WILDSTYLE RIP. Just a few days before the Wild Style Sandy storm, Phantom gives an opening shout out to the legendary Tracy 168 on OG Huskey Radio.

Vyal One (Legendary Los Angeles Graff Movement Pioneer) posts similar commentary of RIP Tracy 168 and later claims it as a hoax and internet rumor? Maybe it was just another publicity gimmick ‘Just to Get a Rep‘? Anyway it was something to speak about and make one realize how short life is. WEN ONE

The richest man in Babylon ‘Tracy 168’ !!_ Wen One

Thank you Street Phantom for the ending shout out on OG Huskey Radio Los Angeles of WEN ONE as your ‘Crass Bohemian Skum Parody always makes me laugh! “Wen One plus Wen One equals Two”. Yours, WEN ONE



I Only Date Models From Miami (FAAM)!! Fine Art Auctions Miami

I Only Date Models From Miami

Dear Darling Banksy, FAAM (Fine Art Auction Miami) Frederic Thut & Poundland (Whymark Avenue, Turnpikelane 14 Where your Slave Labour street art is located will be cut out of the wall and sold in Miami by the bad guys (art dealers and 99p store) for some serious quid. I’ll be there in London to show my rEVOLutionary Nun support, The Nun will protest and stop the auction on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. Sincerely Yours, Nun Nicer !!


The Fourth Wall Project, A wheat paste exhibition: Street Wall

Street wall silhouette by The Phantom Street Artist. Boston, MA 2012

Opening Reception February 4th, 2012. 7pm-9pm exhibition continues till March 2012

Street Wall is an exhibition dedicated to artists who work on city walls to create public art. The artists highlighted in the exhibition are creating an installation directly on the gallery walls. Each artist was given a 2 to 4 panel section of wall space on the interior of the gallery for them to wheat paste work in the gallery resulting in pristine versions of their public work as well as initiating collaboration in close quarters. The exhibition was curated by William Stitt at Fourth Wall Project in Boston. The show runs from Feb. 4 – March.

The Artists

LNY, Radical!, Tiptoe, Nanook, The Phantom, Geoff Hargadon, Zatara and Blackmath. LA artist, The Street Phantom, has been working as a street artist internationally for over twenty years. He has directed videos for Rage Against the Machine and has also done their cover album art for “The Battle of Los Angeles.”

Please review the exhibition titled Street Wall at it’s website!

Local Boston based artists Zatara and Blackmath have been working primarily in the area but have travelled all over to bring their unique work to the streets. Zatara uses collected screen printed images that combines visually overstimulating scenarios of apocalyptic visions of society. Blackmath employs large woodcut prints in his wheat paste work. Intricate and beautiful it plays on emotions that are both whimsical and dark. Geoff Hargadon’s “Cash For Your Warhols” signs can be seen all over cities internationally. His collection of signs is part social experiment, making the viewer question its reality in our capitalist heavy landscape. New Jersey artist LNY’s work is both visually stimulating and carries an energy of offbeat images. New York based artists Tiptoe and Radical! have been populating the streets with their images. Tiptoe uses mythological imagery in his savage and beautiful images that cause the commonplace walls in which they are pasted to become something more ethereal. Radical! Works both on the streets and off employing scenes of darkly comedic characters. Nanook, from Baltimore, uses humans and animals in his animated line work wheat pastes. The style of his works moves perfectly on the walls of abandoned Baltimore buildings as well as in the gallery. Live screen printing by Antidesigns.

Fourth Wall Project

Founded in 2009, by the Bodega Crew with a goal of creating more places for punks to loiter, artists to flourish, and more voices to be heard.

The idea was to turn dormant commercial spaces into pop up gallery spaces reclaiming urban space for public art projects and progressive exhibitions. We keep it independent/free form and curate cultural artifacts for the neighborhood. We settled into our current location at 132 Brookline Ave. Boston MA 02215 a wonderful 3,000 square foot gallery with many possibilities.

The Curators and Artist as well as the group exhibition has been published in such media outlets as Catapult, Boston Com, Boston Globe and the DIG, The Boston DIG will feature and interview the new generation of marginals merry hucksters and street taggers interviewed exclusively by noted weekly columnist Sara Afzal of the Boston who DIG followed up with a critique. The Phantom Street Artist exclusively performed with his recent talent discovery Roxy Rocker for his debut titled piece, “No Tea-bagging on the Dance Floor”!

During the opening reception, The Phantom Street Artist and his Guerilla $treet theater company directed a satirical performance parodying the Art world and its modern day commoditization of mercantile interests masked and sold as hype products! The Phantom was supported and assisted by his collective Art Saves Lives and visionary audio and design team Shihomi and Giuseppe Patahaus…

This performance is meant to be viewed only after a local MOCA MUSEUM Director Charges 10 dollar for admission to see street graffiti packaged in a museum!


Master Pizza “Fuck Art Eat Pizza”

Media Contact

The Mysterious Ways of Joan Quinn, Mysterious Objects Exhibit 2011

The Mysterious Ways of Joan Quinn..

On Saturday, Sept 10th, 2011 Joan Quinn’s great historical collection titled, “Mysterious Objects: Portraits of Joan Quinn” premiered to great critical acclaim at the Santa Ana College Main Gallery. Mysterious Objects gives aficionados, students of culture and historians an unique opportunity to encounter the work of over 80 renowned contemporary artists who express diverse interpretations of Quinn. The selected portraits examine each artist’s perspective about a woman who has been a major cultural influence, a collector and a progressive California taste-maker. Painter Mel Ramos calls Quinn “a living work of art”; David Hockney admires her zeal as a photographer; and abstract artist Charles Arnoldi notes “She has documented cultural changes in Los Angeles and around the world for the last 50 years…Joan always has her finger on the pulse of artistic momentum.” She is a hidden asset to culture, its artist and its region. I have found through this survery, a rare glimpse behind the social scenes which allows the viewer an opportunity to look at the art world of its time and its collection. Select Artists include, Charles Arnoldi, Don Bachardy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Tony Berlant, Kristin Calabrese, Laddie John Dill, Antony Donaldson, Marie Lalanne Elfman, Ian Falconer, Claire Falkenstein, Duggie Fields,Elsa Flores, Joe Goode, James Hayward, George Herms, David Hockney, George Hurrell, Jean Kazandjian, Antonio Lopez, Magu,Ed Moses, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Mel Ramos, Zandra Rhodes, Matthew Rolston, Ed Ruscha, Samvel Saghatelian, Salome, Simone Gad, Alexis Smith, Alice Springs, Beatrice Wood, Sophia Gasparian, Tadanori Yokoo. Lloyd Ziff and Joey Krebs the Phantom Street Artist.

Quinn’s great narrative of supporting both the artists and arts for several decades will be celebrated by History personified. Her colorful histoire includes being the West Coast Editor of Interview magazine appointed by Andy Warhol, the Society Editor for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner (where she worked alongside with Richard Rouillard who was its publications Social Columnist for its column titled “Scene and Heard.”) and was also the longest sitting board member on the California Arts Council. Joan remains today a primary NGO delegate to the United Nations representing the Armenian International Women’s Association.

Joey Krebs the Phantom Street Artist says Joan is a Muse and true aesthete. The Phantom Artist defines Joan as the Du Jour, collector and tastemaker. The Muse in Greek mythology, poetry, and literature were the mythic goddesses who first confirmed, inspired the creation of literature and the arts. They were considered as the source of knowledge which was related orally for centuries by ancient culture. Muses like Joan are rare where souls like these arise every hundreds of years.

Guest Curators Amanda Quinn Olivar & J. Cheryl Bookout were the responsible for compiling such a noteworthy curatorial initiative. Quinn Olivar states “We are delighted to have been acknowledged as part of the PST by Getty approved Garboushian Gallery, and “Bookout finds this “a rare opportunity to see work one might not otherwise get to view without a trip to the museum.”

The formal qualities of the works in this exhibit are as varied as the artists who created them. What make this collection so distinguished are the timeline and the chronology of the artists’ careers who contributed their voices in this collection as well as the mutual and personal relationships with Joan and her husband Jack Quinn. This is the first time the public will have an opportunity to view a selection from the collection of almost 200 portraits.

On the Scene as the Unseen…

Phantom Street Artist

Lost Angeles, 2011

Joan Quinn show on flickr

Joey Krebs AKA The Phantom in Mysterious Objects, Portraits of Joan Quinn

Mysterious Objects Portraits of Joan Quinn

Beautiful catalog

Santa Ana College will premiere and include the Phantom Artwork famed social commentary in the exhibit: “Mysterious Objects, Portraits of Joan Quinn” organized by Guest Curators Amanda Quinn Olivar and J. Cheryl Bookout.
This one-of-a-kind exhibit features portraits of the collector, Joan Quinn, which were made by such contemporary artists as Chuck Arnoldi, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ed Ruscha, Billy Al Bengston, Alexis Smith, The Phantom Street Artist, Beatrice Wood and many others.
The Exhibit Opens September 10th, 2011 from 2-5pm at Santa Ana College Main Art Gallery, “Mysterious Objects, Portraits of Joan Quinn”, 2:00 – 5:00 PM, Fine Arts Building “C”.

Art $aves Live$ Presents Gorilla $treet Artist 4 $ale

Gorilla Street Artist
The Phantom Street Artist premiered dressed up as a very mysterious object was on the auction block covering the surface of the exhibit with his ape like antics. The show was appropiately titled, “Above the Surface” curated by Bill Farroux for DTLA Artwalk and scheduled for Sept 8th 2011. Bill Farroux was providing coverage for Artillery Magazine!

Art Saves Live$ Presents Gorilla Street Artist 4 $ale